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Storm and more storm

Yes!  tonight the rain and wind stopped
So again lowered the beam and found the cable gave high SWR  on a dummy / power meter.
The SWR  raised when tuning up to 29MHz  something was wrong.
Now replaced  and SWR is 1:1.5  28   to 1:1.1 29  on the Steppir
I could tune up the band with the Steppir  what I couldn't do before  in October in the high sunspots  and JA  XE  W in the FM part > 29MHz.

Anyway I am a bit ready for the ARRL10    if the WX stays a bit quiet.
The total cable loss  over 60m  ( 30m 50Ohm  26m 75Ohm  )  
5W in  3.8W out   -1.19dB  28MHz
I can live with that.

also 50 to 75 Ohm  gives   SWR 1:1.5 in worst case  1/4 wave I believe

Hard to prepare for the ARRL this way  hope for some breaks  Friday
I have another 4 ele beam  or I could ad 2 extra directors as a DX reading glass for the Steppir..
But we have to wait for the storm to lay down ..