50MHz Sunday 30 July

2017  is the  breakthrough  of 50MHz JT65 FT8  causing  a huge 50MHz activity boost 
this could happen on 4m 2m and UHF too 

50.276 MHz   in the Morning open to Japan  09:07  -- 10:49
just after I went in the garden since band was very very  quiet...
 rx left on  in JT65 mode   50.276:
evening short open to USA   fast mode FT8
12:17 K1TOL               latest   signal 12:43
WU1ITU     K7BV FM04   N1BUG

Guess next LOTW update allows mode FT8 QSO records upload.
The fast 15 seconds digi mode is an alternative to the 2 minutes slow cycle of JT65
Found that this FT8 mode is working great with VHF UHF fluttery tropo signals
FT8 need stronger signals to decode but it can use short strong openings.

 Although it is hard to find UHF HAMS  using digimodes at f.i. 23cm
most VHF / UHF  hams seem to use hand keys and paper logs ??

TQSL  accepts 51 modes but the latest FT8 is missing
In LOTW  mode  FT8 and others can be added
FT8   will then be substituted as DATA mode in LOTW  but okay
 the records do upload to LOTW.

The development of digital modes is going fast and change operating on the bands a lot.
While JA's are decoded in JT65 the CW part of 6m is quiet..

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